Examples of Productive Workplace Feedback

Feedback is at the core of every employee’s professional and personal development. HR managers who fail to give regular feedback often risk hampering their organization’s productivity and profitability. Implementing a feedback culture is arguably the best way to create a fast-paced, competitive workforce.

Unfortunately, many organizations rely on subpar performance management systems like the 360 feedback. It rarely yields favorable results as it has loads of drawbacks like anonymity, delayed results, vagueness, etc. Instead, adopting a feedback system based on modern neuroscience insights that evaluate employees regularly would be a better choice.

Addressing an employee’s hard work can boost their morale significantly. Unfortunately, many HR executives and line managers do not do this, which often hampers their team’s performance.

Productive Feedback Can Work Miracles

Of course, constructive criticism can sometimes be useful, but using it excessively is not a good idea as it kills morale. On the other hand, productive workplace feedback often yields excellent results. It can motivate teams, and help them get engaged in their tasks. What’s more, providing productive feedback is also a great way to make teams understand the organization’s standards.

Excessive criticism can make employees self-conscious about their skills and abilities. So it would be best to maintain a perfect balance of constructive criticism and positive feedback, ensuring team members can feel proud of their achievements while understanding where they need to improve.

Productive feedback is all about building upon strengths and making improvements. It focuses on finding the right solutions and for future tasks, steering employees in the right direction.

Here is a list of examples HR Executives should consider following when providing employees with constructive feedback:

  • Make your comments precise
  • Constructive feedback should be descriptive instead of being accusative
  • These feedback should provide people with actionable information
  • Constructive feedback creates clear distinctions between people, actions, and results

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