Creating a continuous flow of feedback

BackFeed+ is a community platform that streamlines the peer review process and offers teams a safe space to request and provide feedback. Backfeed+ enhances employee engagement through regular check-ins that boosts performance and creates a culture of collaboration.

BackFeed+ Main Features

Best Practice Library

Asking for feedback has never been easier. Select from the relevant theme and then pick the question which suits your needs the best. Library is customizable for Pro users.

Multi-channel Feedback

Choose your preferred way of communicating feedback. You can pick from text, audio or even video to suit your needs.

Tribe Community

Decide who the most appropriate people to be in your Tribe. The ones who can provide the best insights. Tribe members can be internal or external.

Gamification of the App

The application encourages people to give and receive more feedback. By participating in the app you earn different badges in recognition of your interaction with others.

Actionable Feedback

Getting insights that you can put into practice. Feedback questions are designed to ensure that the respondent gives clear, actionable input.

Role-based Business Intelligence

With the different levels of graphical reporting and drill down capabilities it’s easy for Managers and Administrators to use the real-time analytics to transform data into action.

Security-Giving you peace of mind

End-to-end Encryption for the System

Ensuring that all the data is protected in all its forms, on all media during all phases of its life cycle for the system that is used.


Aligning to your needs by letting you deploy to any size of team. You have the flexibility to adjust your user base in line with business goals.

White Glove Implementation

Delivering expert assistance every step of the way guarantees implementation is on target and meets requirements.

Strong User Authentication

Delivering expert assistance every step of the way guarantees implementation is on target and meets requirements.

Tangible benefits for your staff and business


Removes the anxiety associated with feedback by putting the employee in the driver’s seat


Identifies specific areas of learning and development ensuring a more cost-effective use of the training budgets

Productivity Improvement

Improves productivity with immediate constructive feedback to align to company targets

Increase in Collaboration

Increases collaboration by facilitating an positive and open dialogue within the Tribe

Timely and Actionable

Provides timely and actionable insights to help with learning and development opportunities

Better Work Environment

Enhances the work environment with staff feeling appreciated and valued, increasing staff retention