BackFeed+ is about how our brains respond to feedback.

The heart of BackFeed+ is social and neuroscience research.

Giving and receiving feedback.

It turns out most of us have been doing it wrong, at least from a scientific perspective. Research shows that when feedback is proactively requested, a person is more open to receive the feedback that will help them learn, grow and develop.

Employee Initiated Feedback

Backfeed+ helps managers provide timely feedback via video, audio or text in a timely manner. It transforms retrospective analysis- based PM into a continuous flow of multi-directional feedback through employee- initiated requests that deliver relevant actionable input. Altogether this results in improved employee engagement, enhanced collaboration and increased productivity.


Feedback Themes and Questions

With its user-friendly design, BackFeed+ allows employees to initiate feedback requests at any time, selecting a theme or topic relevant to them. The best practice categories and carefully worded questions ensures that clear actionable feedback is provided. It stimulates input which focuses on a specific behavior not a person or their intentions. Putting the employee in control of the feedback experience is scientifically proven to deliver a positive outcome; resulting in a workforce which feels more valued and motivated.

Tribe and Council

BackFeed+ makes it easier to provide timely feedback by offering a range of channels: video, audio or text. For instance, managers the on-demand nature of feedback helps them affect change by providing responsive course correction in a time-saving manner. The Tribe and Council Community concepts provide balance to overall feedback. With BackFeed+ both internal and external stakeholders are able to participate, providing a holistic view for the employee.

Real-Time Requests

BackFeed+ facilitates real-time requests for feedback. Timely and relevant feedback ensures that there are improvements in behavior or that changes to the way of working are implemented as soon as possible.  BackFeed+ supports a range of ways people give feedback including text, video and audio. By receiving audio or video feedback this helps give context and tone to otherwise just written input which helps make feedback more meaningful and practical.

Range of Feedback Channels

By receiving audio or video feedback this helps give context and tone to otherwise just written input which helps make feedback more meaningful and practical.

It’s not just feedback. It’s Backfeed.

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