Faster, easier feedback. Goodbye, 360°

Build a holistic peer-driven encouragement culture across your enterprise with the BackFeed+ performance development system.

The new science of feedback.

BackFeed+ makes it easy and fun for your entire team to request and offer video and audio feedback. It’s not just performance management, it’s performance development.

Built by Leading Coaches
Personal Support
Easy to Use
For iOS & Android
Enterprise Analytics
Bank-level Security

BackFeed+ integrates with your HRTech stack.

Secure APIs make BackFeed+ data available to your HRIS, HCM, talent management or payroll solution.

Real, actionable feedback for the whole enterprise.

BackFeed+ doesn’t just create feedback. Our app increases a culture of encouragement, not just employee engagement.

In a typical 360, all raters are asked to respond to all questions.  How likely is it that every 360 rater is able to judge you on multiple competencies?  BackFeed+ helps get input quickly and easily from those that are most trusted and/or highly skilled at unique developmental areas.

of employees would work harder if they were recognized better
average increase in profitability when managers receive strength feedback
of workers would consider leaving if their managers do not give feedback

Source: The State of Performance Management 2019 survey

What Users Are Saying

I love this app. Finally, a way to give and receive feedback that feels good, practical and productive. Life is stressful enough right now without having to wonder what are ‘they’ thinking? GREAT APP!


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Less stress, more feedback and an all round better work life feeling – knowing where you are valued and how to improve.


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BackFeed has been a tremendous help in providing a safe space for our team to give constructive feedback. It asks all the right questions to allow positive changes I can make to better contribute to my team. Thank you, BackFeed!


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BackFeed+ is easy to use, fun and intuitive. The #1 best way to improve is to ask for feedback – often! Use BackFeed+ to build the habit of High Performers.


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In just a few clicks I have requested feedback in the areas that matter most to me. So much less stress than waiting for my annual review. I feel happier, more valued and more confident in my work as a result of using this app.


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Watch a Demo

View a short demonstration of the latest HR tech platform. Learn how Backfeed+ can be used to improve your employee performance review system.

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